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You're not going to remember the food you ate at your wedding

You’re not going to remember the food you ate at your wedding. Well, you will if the food was something that was important to you. Even if it was, you still may not remember.

Seriously. Having street tacos at our wedding was our number 2 priority. I remember that they were delicious, but I don't remember what it tasted like. There was so much else going on that my brain really couldn't absorb that information.

I am so thankful for the great photos from our wedding that Kate & Josh of Gsquared Weddings got for us!

Here is the real deal. There are many things which you are not going to remember from your wedding. Whether your wedding is frugal or fancy, it will consist of so many people, actions and emotions that you cannot possibly see, do, or remember it all. Whether you invite 50 people or 200 people, there will be some you do not get to spend quality time with. No matter how many times during planning you taste your menu choices, you might not remember what it tasted like on the day of your wedding. Regardless of how much money you spent on it, you’re not going to remember every detail of your ceremony decor.

It absolutely does not have to be that way if you don’t want that. By being selective and focusing on what is most important to you – maybe that is tasty food, good friends, or a beautiful setting - you focus on what you're going to love and enjoy rather than waste time planning things you’re not going to experience or remember from your wedding day. In the long run, by taking the time to decide what your priorities are and establish a plan to spend your money, energy and time on mostly those priorities will make your whole wedding more memorable for you.

Take some time to think about what really matters to you. Is it that decor piece that is the perfect color? Is it the people you spend time with on your wedding day? Do you want to have a fully serviced dinner? Do you want to have breathtaking photos of your day? Do you only want to spend ______ amount of money on your wedding? Your wedding can consist of any combination of priorities on any budget. No matter what, if you establish your priorities early and stick to them while planning, you will have your perfect wedding.

For my wedding, we were on a limited amount of money and had some strong priorities. In the end, we did have to compromise on a few things to come in under budget. Our biggest compromise was the food; we wanted a taco truck but instead organized a DIY potluck buffet. Looking back, I am totally okay with that because we would have spent about $2000 more than we did and I probably still wouldn't remember sitting down to eat my food.

Kitsap Washington Wedding | DIY Potluck Taco Buffet

DIY Taco Buffet from Emily and Andy's Washington Wedding, photographed by Gsquared Weddings.

Those choices we made to meet our priorities and stay in budget were made easy by using our wedding planning priorities list to allocate our budget towards what was most important. This is the same process I use with the real couples whose weddings I help plan to create for them a wedding that is personal and uncomplicated.

Kitsap Washington Wedding | DIY Taco Bar Buffet Catering

I may not remember actually eating my wedding tacos, but I know I did. I know that I shared them with amazing people and that my wedding was truly everything I wanted it to be (and we spent less than $6000!). Focus your time, energy and resources on what matters most to you. At the end of the day, those are the only things you’re going to remember from your wedding day.

No matter who you are, how much money you plan to spend, or what is important to you, Prudence & Sage will help you create your perfect wedding.

I would love to help you have an uncomplicated wedding planning experience. I'm writing a book all about cutting the fluff and planning a wedding that means a lot to you, in your budget, and without being overly stressful. Get on the email list to learn more about it's launch early 2018.

Wedding Planning Online Class | How to Plan your perfect wedding on any budget

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