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Why Hiring a Wedding Coordinator Was the Best Decision I Made

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

I’ve talked a bit about how I made decisions during the wedding planning process, but I’d like to admit the best decision I made.

I hired a wedding coordinator.

I love weddings. Dreaming up the color palette, romantic setting, soft florals, and rustic decor were enjoyable to me. But as much as I enjoyed daydreaming, I needed a little (or a lot of) assistance bringing my vision to life.

Because it’s one thing to spend hours on Pinterest, pinning images of blush floral arrangements and rustic decor, but another thing entirely to get those pins to come to life for your wedding.

When I met with Emily of Prudence & Sage, I knew immediately that she would help me create the wedding of my dreams.

So why, you ask, was hiring a wedding coordinator the best decision I made? Let me explain.

1. As a wedding coordinator, Emily knew how to bring my vision to life.

We shared Pinterest boards, had discussions on themes and colors, and talked through what I wanted my wedding to look like. Emily knew how to make it happen. I sent her several photos I liked of archways and altar spaces, and Emily had the supplies and know-how to drape and add florals beautifully.

Tonie Christine Photography

When I mentioned wanting wood table number signs and the woman she referred for rentals did not have them available, Emily found them for me! And they perfectly complemented the Paeonia Pines floral arrangements she created. Yep, having a wedding coordinator is the best. She took my ideas, big and small, and brought them to life.

Tonie Christine Photography

2. She was also a sounding board for my ideas.

From floral arrangements to the general theme of our decor, Emily was attentive and provided helpful insight to my ideas. She helped take the broad strokes of the wedding Cameron and I had envisioned and guided us on deciding what was most important to us, and how to make it part of our day.

When I was waffling back and forth on a decision, Emily easily cut through the noise and helped me focus. I could talk through everything with her, from our tent rental to our wedding day procession.

3. I had an ally in the wedding planning process that knew the industry.

This was so valuable. Emily referred vendors, helped with budgeting, and made sure I understood the ins and outs of the wedding industry.

I felt reassured by her recommendations. She also helped me decide what was necessary and what wasn’t, from a more objective perspective.

And she advocated for me with vendors to make sure that everything I wanted included in our wedding was there.

4. I didn’t have to worry about last minute details with vendors.

Having Emily as my coordinator meant she was the point person for all vendor communications. She created the timeline for the day, ensured all our vendors were aware of it, and worked closely with them to ensure our day went perfectly.

She also took over vendor communications as our wedding neared, and I was able to focus on visiting with my friends and family, experiencing all the fun parts leading up to the wedding because I knew the rest was being handled.

5. Family and Friends Enjoyed being Guests

I had family and close friends who provided decor and helped throughout the wedding planning process. But on the day of the wedding, we were able to turn it all over to Prudence & Sage. I didn’t have to worry about my closest family and friends feeling like they had work to do on my wedding day. I wanted them to be present and enjoy the day!

Tonie Christine Photography

6. Prudence & Sage Took Care of Everything Behind the Scenes

Emily was behind the scenes for my whole day. She quietly and confidently made sure everything went smoothly. She worked some serious magic, and it was evident in how seamless our day was.

7. I was fully present and enjoyed my wedding day!

Tonie Christine Photography

This is the most important reason to hire a wedding coordinator. I didn’t want to spend my wedding day worrying about all the moving parts that would make the day happen. After spending a year and a half planning our wedding, I wanted to be able to truly experience the magic of the day.

Hiring a wedding coordinator gave me that opportunity. I was relieved of all the day-of responsibilities and stress that are a part of every wedding because I knew I had handed it over to the most capable, organized and magical person: our wedding coordinator, Emily.