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Why do you need a wedding planner?

Becoming engaged and planning to be married is exciting! Often for the first time, you get to work together on a large project that displays each of you entwining your life together. Couples quickly find that wedding planning can be a trying time between the cost of a wedding, the time it takes to plan one, and the amount of stress it causes.

What is planning like for the typical DIY Wedding Planning Couple?

Planning an event for 100+ guests is complicated, requires a lot of time, and skill. A wedding of that size typically includes 10 to 12 different service providers, transportation of people and items, coordination of set up and clean up, a full dinner and bar service, and entertainment.

We have found that couples who plan their wedding on their own tend to spend 5-10 hours a week wedding planning for an average of 6-7 months. When they are planning a wedding, the rest of their life doesn't stop - they're still working jobs, keeping up house, and attempting to enjoy their friends, family, and hobbies. If a couple live a busy lifestyle it is hard to find the time to plan.

Organizing and planning a wedding requires careful organization and project management skills. The couple who is not naturally organized has a difficult time keeping track of what is been done, how it fits into the bigger picture, and what needs to be done next on their to-do list. Communication of important details and desires is lost. Papers with notes and contracts don't always stay where they can be found. The day of timeline is often different between each service provider and there is no central point of leadership between them.

To execute any size wedding well requires familiarity of the delicate moving pieces of a wedding requires the experience to know how to curate the pieces and the knowledge for how to place them aptly. When a couple tries to plan an event on their own, they often feel overwhelmed and out of their depth.

Those who don’t have someone outside of their guest list who has the knowledge and experience necessary to execute a well-planned event often feel stressed, overwhelmed, and like they or their parents are working instead of enjoying their once-in-a-lifetime moment.

What does a wedding planner do?

Did you feel anxious reading all that about DIY wedding planning? A wedding planner is going to make that anxiety go away. Your wedding planner will guide to to determine exactly what you want your wedding day to be like. They will help you decide your budget and spending plan. They will help you build your guest list. Your wedding planner will do the research to find the best vendors in your budget and style, that match what you need for your wedding, and present you the options to choose from with all information you could need to know to make an informed selection. After you selected your vendors, your planner will work out contracts and all the details with each vendor. Your planner can also be called a wedding coordinator, because she will facilitate clear communication between all service providers and build a master plan for how your wedding will be smoothly executed. She will make sure your family and wedding party know their plans for the day or weekend.

Your planner/coordinator is going to handle all of the "dirty" work that goes into planning and executing a large event so you only need to experience it fully and be married.

What is wedding planning like for a Prudence & Sage couple?

Couples come to us with a vision for their wedding - how they want to feel, what they want to experience, who they want to celebrate with, and what they want to see. From day one - the consultation - your Prudence & Sage wedding coordinator helps to define that vision and come up with a plan to bring it life. Your wedding planner will carefully curate and present to you service provider and decor options, help you book your choice, and communicate all the details with the vendors so you don't have to. Your Prudence & Sage wedding coordinator will create your layouts and provide you tools to make seating charts simple. This saves our couples hours every week and immeasurable amounts of stress. Our work makes the vendor "shopping" experience fun and enjoyable for our couples.

​Prudence & Sage couples want to feel relaxed, carefree, and present during their wedding day. They want their family and friends to feel that way, too. Couples want someone who listens to what they would like to experience on their wedding day and confidently makes it happen.

Prudence & Sage provides the wedding planning and wedding day coordination they need to enjoy their experience planning a wedding and being fully present on their wedding day. Learn about each of our coordinators so you can schedule a consultation, book your wedding planner, and enjoy a fun and uncomplicated wedding planning process.

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