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What if I don't want a Big Wedding?

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

Ideas for Small Guest Count Weddings

A big (or even medium-sized) wedding is not for everyone. When it comes to planning your big day, you and your fiancé may realize that a smaller celebration is the right choice for you. But just because you’re limiting the number of invites doesn’t mean you have to skimp on the details!

Having a smaller guest count lends to a more intimate affair - and possibilities that just would not be possible with a large guest count.

Lucky for you and your fiancé, we have plenty of small wedding ideas, highlighting the beauty and versatility of the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

1. Camping

A wedding weekend that includes camping will involve logistics that are much more manageable with a small group. There’s something so romantic and cozy about a wedding while camping in the wilderness with those you love most. In today’s day and age, there’s a spectrum from really roughing it to “glamping”, so a camping wedding can be whatever strikes you and your fiancé’s fancy!

We love a blend of being out in nature but still having the conveniences of certain amenities. While the variety in campsites and locations in Washington may be overwhelming, look no further than Kitsap Memorial State Park. The old-fashioned Log Hall amidst gorgeous tall trees is ideal for your reception, and the park is a well-equipped campsite for you and your guests.

Kitsap Memorial State Park Wedding | Small, Intimate, Fall Alternative DIY Wedding

Kitsap Memorial State Park Wedding | Small, Intimate, Fall Alternative DIY Wedding

Photos from Emily and Andy's wedding at Kitsap Memorial State Park by GSquared Weddings

2. Beach Wedding - with a PNW twist

For most people, a beach wedding brings to mind hot sun, palm trees, and crashing waves. But here in Washington, a beach wedding means a little less tropical and a little more natural. We may not have the hot sun and wild waves, but we do get some amazing perks being near the coast.

Golden Gardens in Ballard has a little bit of everything there is to love about the Pacific Northwest - sandy beach, soothing waves, stunning trees… the list goes on! Their charming Bathhouse is available to rent, and you and your guests can follow up the ceremony and reception with a bonfire on the beach.

Which means as wedding favors, a sweet treat in the form of s’mores should do the trick! Everyone can gather around the bonfire, roast marshmallows, and bask in the glow of the bonfire and each other's company.

3. Treehouse Ceremony

Dreaming of an intimate ceremony in the woods, with an immersive venue and experience for your guests? Get married in a beautiful forest and post up for the night in a charming treehouse. Surrounded by the gorgeous forest, your vows will feel that much more magical and intimate.

TreeHouse Point is pure magic. This unique venue can accommodate 18 guests overnight with unique, charming accommodations.

4. Brunch

For a more casual wedding vibe, and the chance to spend more of the day with your guests, have a morning ceremony followed by a delicious brunch! Your guests will rise and shine for the opportunity to toast a mimosa in your honor.

The more casual day wedding will also give you a chance to relax and enjoy quality time with your small party.

The Corson Building suits this type of wedding perfectly, with a beautiful garden and delightful menu.

5. Intimate Dinner Party

If “Rise and Shine” isn’t quite your style, an intimate dinner party is another great way to center your wedding around a delicious meal.

Palisade Restaurant in Seattle has gorgeous views of Elliot Bay, and is perfectly situated for hosting a dinner party for your wedding.

6. Destination Wedding

Would it really be a list of small wedding ideas without a destination wedding suggestion? I thought not.

In terms of destination wedding options, Hawaii is a great choice and an easy flight from Seattle! Each island offers a different feel and the possibilities are endless. Find a gorgeous hotel by the beach, and your guest accommodations, ceremony space, and reception area are all set! And with a smaller invite list, you can enjoy trekking around the island and making it a mini-vacation for your guests as well.

The best part? Your honeymoon is built right in. (But if you want to bid adieu to your wedding guests, you can always hop over to another island!)

No matter what style you choose, small weddings give you a chance to enjoy the presence of each guest. And when it comes to venues that are off the beaten path, a smaller guest count is ideal.

Don’t forget - a small wedding can still include big ideas when it comes to your venue, decor and reception. You, your fiancé, and your guests will appreciate every detail that much more.

Dream big when envisioning your wedding day, even if you’re keeping the guest count small. And of course, Prudence & Sage can help bring that vision to life!

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