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What does it REALLY cost to plan a wedding?

If you’re planning a wedding and you realize that everything the wedding industry is telling you that you need to have for your wedding isn’t even what you want to have, then you’re in the right place. Welcome to the Planning Gathering Podcast. I’m your host, Emily Sullivan. I am a wedding coordinator, floral designer and I dislike the wedding industry. I decided that rather than leave the industry all together (because I really do love the work that I do) that instead I would become an educator. My purpose is to pull back the curtains on the wedding industry as it is today, provide resources and education into how to plan a wedding, and create a positive change in the industry so that more couples make informed choices that are right for them. I share this information right here on the Planning Gathering Podcast and on my coordination company’s wedding planning blog,

The topics I find most frequently visited on my wedding planning blog and all around google is “how much does a wedding cost?” Type that into a search engine and you are going to receive a price in dollars (or whatever your currency is). Right now according to couples, on average, spend between $19,323 and $32,205. But the money isn’t the only cost in a wedding and that’s the topic I’m going to dive into today. What are the real costs of planning a modern wedding? How much time, energy, stress goes into it? And how does it affect your life OUTSIDE of planning the party to celebrate your marriage? Let’s talk about that.

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