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Managing Wedding Industry Pressure and the Opinions of Family & Friends

The wedding industry is smart, and puts a lot of time, energy, and money into marketing. From the second you update your relationship status on social media to engaged, you will see targeted ads and clever marketing for the “ideal wedding”.

But the ideal wedding for the wedding industry revolves around being profitable. Elaborate and extravagant styled shoots provide gorgeous inspiration that is especially enticing. But the reality is that it’s far beyond what is accessible and affordable. And a lot of it is unnecessary.

Pickering Barn Outdoor Wedding | Bride and Groom Portrait in Garden Greenery | Snohomish Wedding Coordinator
Rebecca Anne Photography

Simply put, there are a lot of things you don’t need in order to get married. In fact, you really just need someone to officiate your marriage ceremony and two witnesses. The rest – the ceremony itself, the celebration – all of that is open to interpretation and totally up to you.

So when you are influenced by wedding industry images from day one, it is important to keep on track with your own wedding vision.

Pickering Barn Outdoor Wedding | Bride and Groom Stroll Through the Garden |  Snohomish Wedding Coordinator
Rebecca Anne Photography

On this episode of the Planning Gathering podcast, I am delving into how to combat the pressure of the wedding industry. I’ll walk you through why it’s so important to define your own wedding vision from the beginning.

I’ll also discuss how to manage the expectations and opinions of others - from your parents to your friends - so that you can plan a wedding that is all about you.

Listen here:

If you are a couple just getting started planning your wedding together, and you are realizing that everything the wedding industry is telling you that you need have isn’t even what you want to have, then you're in the right place.

Learn more about the Planning Gathering.

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