The Wedding Day of a Prudence & Sage Coordinator

Updated: Nov 18, 2018

Casey and I met as most young people do, at a friends house for a New Years Party. We hit it off instantly, but still developing who I was and what I was looking for, I did not want something that felt so serious so soon. Which looking back now, was probably the best decision I could have made, I was not mature enough for what our relationship was about to become. Subsequently 4 years later the timing was undeniable for us to come together again. We really got the chance to appreciate each other this time. Fast forward another 4 years while on vacation in Florida with a few of our close friends Casey was getting down on one knee asking me to marry him, none of us the wiser that this vacation was about to start a captivating new chapter For Casey and I.

A wedding should speak to your personalities both as a couple and as individuals. For us, we wanted our wedding to feel open, free flowing, and inviting. We wanted a touch of elegance with our outdoorsy nature, surrounded by trees, family and love. Our colors were dusty rose, maroon, and lots and lots of green.

Tip from the Planner/Bride

It is important to set your priorities early with planning. Pick your top 3 priorities to guide you through your planning process, whether it be what you want to taste on your wedding day, or making your wedding intimate so you can enjoy everyone's company, use them to be your starting point with planning and the theme throughout your wedding.

These noteworthy cornhole boards were designed and built by a remarkably talented friend as a cherished wedding gift.

photo by: Shelby Payne Photography


Feeling surrounded by natural beauty, Country Boutique made my dreams come true with the floral arrangements. The different textures and colors made the floral sensational. One of my top three priorities for our wedding day was to have brilliant floral arrangements enveloping us.

Dusty Rose, Maroon, Green Floral | Wedding Coordinator | Marysville, WA


photo by: Shelby Payne Photography ​​

For favors we wanted something that wouldn’t just collect dust. Something different people would enjoy. So we did baby succulents that people could take home, replant, and “let the love continue to grow” (a little cheesy I know). Shout out to my incredible bridesmaids and mother for helping me cut, wrap, sticker and tie all these 200 succulents!


For dessert we wanted something different. Cake, really isn’t our thing. So we had Rhubarb crisp and pumpkin pie accompanied by a beautiful, and seriously delicious, small naked cake created by Pure Bliss.

The pumpkin pie was made by Casey's mother, while the Rhubarb Crisp was made by my mine. These are both time honored recipes by each family. It truly is these little touches that make a wedding. Don’t get lost in the planning that you forget it is about the two of you, and connecting these two families by vowing to spend the rest of your lives together.

Bride + Groom Style

When a girl thinks about her dress they imagine their fiancé beaming at them, all in white, walking towards him, or her, about to vow to spend the rest of your lives together. My dress, I must admit, was stunning, everything I wanted and more. The dress is from LaineeMeg bridal where they treat you like a princess as soon as you walk in.

photo by: Shelby Payne Photography

Casey was dressed to the nines in a sharp blue tux and bowtie with brown dress shoes to compliment the look. I must say, he looked pretty dang handsome. Of course, don’t mind the beer bong.

The Details

I wanted it to look effortless. To flow with the outdoor space and up play the charming venue. There was a little DIY mixed in with the talent of the vendors.

The fire pit was a huge selling point for us, because…...s'mores!

photos by: Shelby Payne Photography

An ample amount of emotion on our day was due to the people who were physically not with us. Casey lost his best friend a couple years back, his best man. So I wanted to make sure he had a place in our wedding.

Before walking up and taking his place Casey did not know his best friend would be front and center watching us say our vows, which took him by surprise. I wanted him to know he was there with us, that he loved him and was standing by his side, beer in hand.

Our spread, a taco bar. Who doesn’t love taco!

We wanted a little something for everyone, so of course we had a few lawn games.

The Bridal Party

These boys have Casey's heart.


Our Favorite Moment

As my dad walked me down the aisle leading me to Casey, I had no idea he had a charming speech planned for Casey and I as he gave his little girl away. It made us laugh, and it made us cry, he engrossed us with every word. I genuinely could not have asked for a more perfect moment. It is the events you don’t expect that make your wedding day what it is. You cannot plan for everything that will come up on your day, good or bad, some things will be out of your control, but not all unexpected things are abhorrent. Embrace every moment of your day.

Lush, Greenery PNW Outdoor Wedding at Evergreen Gardens | Marysville, WA | Wedding Coordinators

Lush, Greenery PNW Outdoor Wedding at Evergreen Gardens | Marysville, WA | Wedding Coordinators

Lush, Greenery PNW Outdoor Wedding at Evergreen Gardens | Marysville, WA | Wedding Coordinators

Lush, Greenery PNW Outdoor Wedding at Evergreen Gardens | Marysville, WA | Wedding Coordinators


When it comes to weddings we all have moves like Jagger. And my dad and I, were the best of the best.

Lush, Greenery PNW Outdoor Wedding at Evergreen Gardens | Marysville, WA | Wedding Coordinators

Lush, Greenery PNW Outdoor Wedding at Evergreen Gardens | Marysville, WA | Wedding Coordinators



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