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The Planning Gathering

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

Nearly every couple I have worked with or encountered on wedding planning forums has one common challenge they face while planning. What is the best choice for us?

With the internet in our pockets, we are surrounded by many influences and an uncountable number of potential options for every aspect of a wedding. Pinterest has supplied us with a limitless flow of ideas and inspiration with no clear best choice. It can make wedding planning confusing, stressful and even overwhelming. What are the right choices to celebrate the beginning of the next chapter of your life? I'd like to help answer that question for you.

My name is Emily Sullivan and I’m the creator of the Planning Gathering. I believe that weddings should tell a story, and planning one shouldn’t be complicated.

How to plan a wedding | define your wedding vision and bring it to life

I created the Planning Gathering to guide couples through planning their wedding to uncomplicate the process and simplify decisions. The lessons and insights I share in the Planning Gathering will empower you to define your wedding day vision and bring to life your story with your wedding day.

I will teach you how to setup and keep a budget, define your vision, create a mood board, search for, vet and hire your ideal vendor team, organize and communicate your plans, and find the right person to lead your wedding day so you can experience the day you worked so hard to plan. I also include all my tips for decorating your wedding, thrifting for wedding decor, and planning for DIY projects.

The course officially launches for registration on November 1st. I'm not sure I could be more excited because I have been working on it for two years!

The Planning Gathering started as an idea to host a wedding planning workshop to pull back the curtains on the wedding industry by teaching couples the ins and outs of assembling their team of event professionals and insight to guide them to know which ones fit in their vision and budget. Every time I went to work, I found more common challenges couples face which I wanted to provide a solution to. Quickly, I realized that there was no way everything I wanted to share was going to be taught in one day.

Not only did the amount of insight and planning guidance I want to provide grow, so did my intentions. Originally, I simply wanted to uncomplicate wedding planning in person for a dozen or two couples a year. Now, I want to create a wave of positive change in the wedding industry. I want to change the conversation to make weddings more about the couple, their love story, and the celebration of their love. And make it less about the stuff and going viral.

How to plan a wedding | define your wedding vision and bring it to life

This course has 15 chapters, each with 3-15 subsections, templates, worksheets and video. As you watch each sections video, you're going to hear me sharing with you just as if you were wedding planning clients sitting across the table from me. You'll schedule when you want to sit down for a planning session, hop on the course, and work along with me to plan your wedding in the right order and with the tools to do it well.

These next weeks I'll be sharing sneak peaks as the finishing touches go on and I prepare to open enrollment. You can catch the behind the scenes on Instagram and Facebook stories.

I want to give you a preview of what is to come, and help those of you who are eager to begin planning your wedding now. Sign up here to receive my free mini video series that will guide you to define your wedding vision.

Two years in the making and it's finally time to share the Planning Gathering with you! Registration for this self-paced, online course will open for you to start on November 1st. I can't wait to hear what your vision for your wedding day is, and guide you to bring it to life!

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