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Responsibly Serving Alcohol at Your Wedding

In all likelihood, you are probably planning to serve alcohol at your wedding. It’s part of the reception that can add to the fun. But there’s more to consider than just what type of signature cocktail you should serve, or how much beer and wine to purchase.

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We’re talking with Claire Fernandez, co-owner of Party on the Rocks, for more insight and tips on serving alcohol at your wedding safely. Washington State has strict laws on serving alcohol and liability if someone overindulges.

Claire has over 8 years of experience in bar staffing for private events, a large part of which is weddings. She spends an incredible amount of time planning and organizing for each event, sorting out logistics, and ensuring that she provides the best service for each of her couples. Her staff is highly educated, with a clear understanding of the applicable laws and back-end of her operations, as well as the mixing and pouring of drinks.

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It’s important to know who is legally responsible for what when it comes to alcohol at your wedding reception, and how to protect yourself. Because of how strict Washington laws are, you don’t want to just hop in a Facebook group and ask if anyone has their bartending license and can serve at your wedding. It’s important to choose a bartending and event staffing company that has a liability policy, insurance, and a licensed and professional staff.

Dram Shop Laws in Washington mean that if someone overindulges at your wedding day, and something bad happens, the person who served the alcohol (as well as the person who purchased it, which in many cases is the bride and groom or their parents) are liable for the accident. So there’s a huge legal responsibility involved when alcohol is served.

So how do you know what company to choose? How do you select your bartender? Claire is sharing all of her insider knowledge to ensure you have a wedding reception that is both fun and safe.

Take a listen to the podcast below for all of her tips, including how she calculates how much alcohol to purchase for a wedding, how to let a guest politely know when they’ve gotten a little carried away, and what she recommends for your wedding day.

Find Party on the Rocks here:

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