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Assembling Your Wedding Vendor Team: Why You Shouldn’t Price Shop, and What to do Instead

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

Bringing your wedding day vision to life takes a whole team of vendors, and it’s important to book them early on in the planning process. But it can be overwhelming to know where to begin. Many couples are tempted to use price as the determining factor when reaching out to potential vendors, booking based on who offers the lowest price for their services. But price shopping doesn’t necessarily mean you’re making the right choice. Often, you get what you pay for – and you could be missing out on a key piece of assembling your vendor team.

How to Choose Your Wedding Vendors without Price Shopping | Gazebo Wedding + Walk Down the Aisle | Snohomish Wedding Coordinator
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When hiring vendors for your wedding day, it’s important that each vendor’s products or services align with your vision and priorities. By focusing on price instead of personality, you may miss the opportunity to choose vendors who you truly get along with. And if you don’t like your vendors, you probably won’t like your wedding day. The reality is that wedding vendors not only bring your wedding day to life – they are by your side the entire day.

As a small business owner, Emily has spent a lot of time marketing herself and networking within the wedding industry. She often sees inquiries on social media – especially Facebook – where brides will list only their wedding date, venue, and budget and ask for recommendations. Inundated with responses, the bride will then have to sort through a list that doesn’t take into account her wedding vision, priorities, or personality, and she will have to blindly reach out to multiple vendors for more information.

On this podcast, Emily dives into why this is not the ideal way to find your wedding vendors, and how to search for them instead.

How to Choose Wedding Vendors without Price Shopping | Barn Wedding Bride + Groom Portrait | Snohomish Wedding Coordinator
Salt and Pine Photography |

Your wedding day is incredibly important, and so are the decisions you make in order for the day to happen. From creating your wedding day vision and establishing your priorities, to sending a personalized inquiry to each potential vendor, this podcast will walk you through the steps needed to assemble a dream team of wedding vendors.

So before you start booking your wedding vendors, listen to the podcast below for tips on finding the right fit for the wedding day you have envisioned.

Your wedding is an important moment and a big investment. Take your time to create a wedding vision and blueprint, then be intentional with how you choose your wedding vendors.

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