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Preview our Intimate PNW Wedding

Woods Forest Outdoor Wedding Minimal Florist

One can learn so much witnessing and working hundreds of weddings and events. But there are things you can’t know until you have been the bride or groom. Like the overwhelming rush of speaking your heart and promising to love your spouse in front of your family and friends. There is no way to describe that to someone who hasn’t experienced it.

Over the coming weeks, there will be detailed blogs and videos about Andy and Emily’s tips for having a fun, relaxed, and totally you wedding.

To start, here’s the short list of things we wish we had thought of and 5 we are so glad we did.

Things we wished we had thought of.

  1. A late-night snack for us in our cabin that was not leftover dinner.

  2. Lipstick. Not normally wearing lipstick, I did not think about needing a little touch of color to help with the photos. Also, under eye concealer.

Seriously, that’s it. We did pretty good!

Things we are glad we did.

  1. Wrote our own ceremony & vows.

  2. Everything had a purpose. We did nothing because it was trendy or forced upon us.

  3. Picked the venue thoughtfully so we were exactly where we loved being.

  4. Spread it out over the weekend.

  5. Keeping it small so we could spend meaningful time with each person.

Cinnamon Roll Cake DIY Forest Green Gray Weddings

I have so much to write about. I am excited to share how we had a mini-destination wedding for under $6000, how we hand-made or repurposed all our decorations, my plans and timelines the week of the wedding having DIY'd nearly everything, and how we wrote our ceremony so it was entirely unique to our story. Stay tuned!

Woods PNW Washington Wedding Kitsap State Park Lowkey

Photography - Gsquared Weddings

Design & Planning - Prudence & Sage

Day of Coordination - Eastwood Events

Floral - Paeonia Pines

Music - PJ Parsons Presents

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