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Don't "Should" on Me: Planning a Wedding Your Way with Vendors You Can Trust

It is so important to hire vendors that listen to you and understand your wedding vision. When you hire dedicated professionals for your wedding, you can trust them to bring your wedding day vision to life.

I sat down with wedding DJ PJ Parsons this week. She explains that when a DJ listens and truly knows you, they can create a day that is like nobody else’s day. Putting heart, soul, and passion into getting to know a couple and caring what their day looks like, creates something that couldn’t be created otherwise.

Hiring Wedding Vendors You Trust | Bride & Groom First Dance at Twin Willow Gardens | Snohomish Wedding Coordinator
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There is no do-over on a wedding day. What you include in your wedding should be intentional and tell part of your story. It’s why it so important to define your wedding vision from the beginning.

Once you start wedding planning, you will find that your (probably well-intentioned) family and friends “should-ing” all over your wedding. You may hear that you that you should wear white, you should walk down the aisle to “Here Comes the Bride”, you should do a garter and bouquet toss…

But why? This is your wedding. You don’t have to do anything for your wedding day just because you were told you should.

On this episode, PJ and I delve further into how to respond when friends and family “should” all over your wedding. Our goal is that couples have the wedding they have imagined, instead of the wedding that society, family, and friends tell them they should have.

We also talk about carefully selecting and then trusting your wedding vendors. I am lucky to have found wedding industry professionals who are helping create change in the wedding industry. We are excited to break free from the expectations of the ideal industry wedding, and help our couples plan a wedding that is all about them.

Listen to the full podcast episode here:

If you are a couple just getting started planning your wedding together, and you are realizing that everything the wedding industry is telling you that you need have isn’t even what you want to have, then you're in the right place.

Learn more about the Planning Gathering.

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