Planning a Summer Wedding in the Pacific Northwest

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

This post is written by Guest Contributor Abigail Golder

The Pacific Northwest is a magical place, where the ocean meets the mountains and rain showers life into the land. The natural landscapes are diverse, with expansive beaches, teeming rainforests, cultured cities, sleepy small towns, expansive plains and jagged mountains. In the summer, the PNW is exploding with sunshine and adventure, relieved from the rainfall of the winter. This perfect collection of beauties makes the PNW an ideal place to have a summer wedding for any happy couple.


Just like any major event, it’s important to keep your budget in mind. The PNW may be a diverse place for virtually any type of wedding, but it can also be very expensive if you aren’t careful.

Don’t let that scare you, however. Be strategic—make lists to help you decide what you need at your wedding, and what you want at your wedding. This is your time, and money shouldn’t be a stress factor. There are many sites that can help you map out your wedding budget but the best way to ensure you get the wedding of your dreams within your budget is to hire an expert.

Need to know when Planning a PNW Wedding | Wedding Coordinator | Marysville, WA

Inside or Outside

One of the most common misconceptions about the PNW is how often it rains. Sure, the heaviest rainfall in the country occurs here, but it doesn’t rain every day. In fact, even in the wetter parts of the region, the months of July and August can even be too dry! So, if you want to plan an outdoor wedding, summer in the PNW is a perfect destination.

More than half the weddings held in the PNW are held outside, with a gorgeous backdrop and plenty of golden, natural light. Farmhouse and barn venues are popular as well, and allow for some flexibility if it rains. In fact, most outdoor venues provide a backup option if the weather does turn wet—often in the form of large, open event tents. If you prefer an indoor wedding, there are many options that range from religious establishments, museums, banquet halls, and historical districts.


Once you’ve decided on in indoor or outdoor ceremony, it’s time to choose a venue. If you don’t have anything specific in mind, start a broad search to find the best PNW venues. Many weddings in the PNW have a rustic, romantic feel, and are held at gardens, estates, and farms.

If you want to go outdoors, National Parks may be an option. They do require permits, but are fairly easy to obtain on the Na