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Learn Modern Calligraphy with Chalk.Ink.Style

Modern Calligraphy | Snohomish Beginners Class | Chalk.Ink.Style

On one of my few free Saturday mornings, I attended a beginners calligraphy course with Ginger Herr of Chalk.Ink.Style. I had never attended a class like this. Walking in without any preconceived notions, Ginger blew me away with her presentation of the class.

First, she had these gorgeous champagne saucers for a beautifully presentated cranberry pomegranate mimosas.

Being the thoughtful and creative person she is, Ginger had made vegan pumpkin scones and a spread of vegetables and hummus. All of this was done with care by hand.

The table we were to learn at was stunning, too! We had a cute little bag, exemplars, practice drills and a grid notebook to use with our two nibs and pens.

Modern Calligraphy | Snohomish Beginners Class | Chalk.Ink.Style

Ginger even made the lovely lavender centerpiece on the table. She isn’t just a hand lettering and modern calligraphy artist, she is a genius creator. You may have seen her as a part of our spring Bridal Shower shoot or the Dark Romance shoot. She’s also been featured on a blog post about invitations and the value of hiring someone local.

Modern Calligraphy | Snohomish Beginners Class | Chalk.Ink.Style

The beginner’s calligraphy class was perfectly designed to set its students up for a successful start on their hand lettering journey. It is absolutely perfect for someone who is interested in learning more about calligraphy but is unsure of where to buy the materials to get started. In the course, students get two hours of lessons, practice and guidance. Even better, in the beautifully curated beginners kit you have a list of resources to buy more materials and take more advanced courses from different styles of teachers.

Modern Calligraphy | Snohomish Beginners Class | Chalk.Ink.Style

Who would be the ideal student for this class? Crafters and creatives looking to try something new. Brides and grooms who are considering DIY’ing their signs or invitations and want to practice first and learn an appreciation for the process hand lettering artists go through. Wedding coordinators who want to learn more to step in and assist in a sticky situation on the wedding day. Friends and family who want to have a fun morning experiencing something together. Gingers beginners modern calligraphy course would be the right start for anyone.

Modern Calligraphy | Snohomish Beginners Class | Chalk.Ink.Style

You can find more about Ginger and her company, Chalk.Ink.Style at the links below. Ginger has unique designed Christmas cards and perfect stocking stuffer gifts for the crafter. To find when her next class is and to see the Christmas gifts, head to her Etsy store!

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Photos are by Ginger Herr & Emily Sullivan

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