How Much Does a Wedding Cost?

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

Once you get engaged, delving into the world of wedding planning (and wedding spending) can easily become overwhelming. Realizing that in 2017, the average wedding in the United States cost just over $33,000 may have you questioning, well, everything. But before you give up the wedding day you have envisioned over fear of the cost, it’s important to know that what the average couple may have spent does not have to be what you spend. Or, if you are planning on spending that or more on your wedding, it’s also important to know where that money is going. There are endless ways to personalize your wedding, including what you spend and how you spend it.

Let’s take a look at some of the vendors that you will likely hire for your wedding, and what those average costs may be.

-Venue (Ceremony + Reception)

Range for Most Weddings: $2,700 - $10,500, Average Cost: $5,400

Your biggest cost will likely be your venue. Having your ceremony and reception at the same location can cut some costs, including the cost of transportation as you would have to shuttle your guests between separate ceremony and reception locations.

What is included in the cost of your venue rental will also vary between locations. Some venues include everything you need for the big day - from the tables and chairs, to the decor and more - while other venues will just give you access to the space itself. Keep possible rentals and additions needed in mind when choosing your venue to stay within your spending plan.

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Range for Most Weddings: $400-$1,000, Average Cost $650

Before you set your rental budget, check with your venue to see if you will have everything you need. Starting from a list of what is included will help you narrow down and focus on what you may want to rent.

You can also use rentals to customize your venue space, from vintage decor and furniture to table settings and signage.

Rentals can also give you peace of mind. If you're planning an outdoor wedding, you may want to invest in a tent rental for the day. If the weather does not cooperate, you have a backup plan.

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