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How Do I Start Planning My Wedding?

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

Before you even finish announcing your engagement, your friends and family will be asking for the details of your wedding. It can be overwhelming, to say the least! So if you’re wondering how to even start planning your wedding, you have come to the right place.

From visualizing your wedding day, to booking your first vendor and beyond, we are here every step of the way to provide information, helpful resources, and insight into the wedding planning process.

Let’s get started with these key steps!

Visualize Your Wedding Day

Before you get started on the details of planning your wedding day, ask yourself what you want your wedding day to look like! This will give you a starting point for putting together your vision board, and will help you navigate the world of wedding decisions.

The best thing you can do is step away from Pinterest and focus on images that evoke the feelings you want to feel on your wedding day. Visit our blog post on visualization for an in-depth look on developing your wedding daydream into reality.

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Get Organized

The easiest way to get started on organization and planning is to sign up for The Planning Gathering. The course will walk you through getting organized step-by-step, and all you need to get started is a three-ring binder! It’s important to stay organized when planning your wedding, as you will have your vision board, a spending plan, vendor contracts, and more. Keeping them all together in one place is essential.

Start with the inspiration you have put together from visualizing your wedding day. This will serve as a reminder of what you want your day to look like, and will help guide the decisions you make along the way! Knowing the end goal will keep you inspired as you work through the less fun parts of planning your wedding.

Set Your Budget

Speaking of less fun… setting a budget can be stressful and intimidating. You will have to discuss finances with your significant other, and potentially your parents and close family members who may be contributing.

But, you cannot truly get started on planning until you know how much you are able and willing to spend. Check out some of our tips on getting started right.

Make Your Guest List

Your guest list determines more than you realize when planning your wedding! From determining venue size, to setting a catering budget, you will need to have a general idea of how many guests you might expect at your wedding.

Our advice when making your guest list? Be selective! You are sharing a big life moment with your guests, so we recommend making sure you are surrounded by those who love and support you.

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Tour Wedding Venues

The most important wedding vendor to book first is your venue. When you book your venue, you will be able to set your wedding date (yay!) and reach out to other key vendors for their availability.

Touring wedding venues will give you a feel for what kind of space you want for your wedding day. We recommend attending a wedding tour in your area, because it will give you a chance to see different venues set up for a wedding, and you can see multiple venues in one day. If you’re looking in Washington State, the Snohomish Wedding Tour is incredible!

Hire Key Vendors

Once you have booked your venue, it is important to reach out and book a couple of your other key vendors. Photographers, caterers, and wedding coordinators book early, and peak season dates can fill up fast.

Communicate with Your Fiancé

Remember that your wedding day, at its core, is about the two of you and your love. Stay grounded throughout the wedding planning process by communicating with your fiancé. Be a sounding board for each other when it comes to making decisions to ensure you are both a part of the wedding planning process. The day should be a reflection of your relationship. We love seeing our couples personalize their wedding.

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Sign up for the Planning Gathering

For a limited time, the Planning Gathering course resources are free! Take advantage of Prudence and Sage owner Emily’s incredible wealth of knowledge and sign up here. The course goes more in-depth on the steps above, and will guide you through the rest of the wedding planning process.

Get in Touch with Us!

Prudence and Sage is here to make planning your wedding simple, stress-free, and easy. By hiring a Prudence and Sage wedding coordinator, you can focus on what truly matters: enjoying your wedding day and celebrating the start of your new lives together.

Get in touch today to see how we can make your wedding day dreams a reality!

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