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Five Things Couples Don’t Think About When They Think About Wedding Planning

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

When planning your wedding, there are obvious things to think about: where you will get married and when, your wedding dress, who you want to invite… The list goes on.

But there is more to consider than the obvious when you think about planning your wedding. So, to help you get started on planning your wedding, we’re taking a closer look at five things you may not be thinking about when you think about wedding planning.

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1. Setting and Focusing on Your Priorities

This is your wedding. Take time in the beginning of planning to establish what your priorities are. This is not only for budgeting purposes (though it is definitely important for that!), it is also to ensure that what you are including in your wedding is important to you.

There will be well-meaning friends and family who will tell you what they think your wedding should include. But they are not the ones getting married – you are. And your wedding day should be about what you want it to be about. It’s an incredibly personal and momentous occasion, and it should be a reflection of your relationship.

Take time to sit down with your fiancé and decide what is most important to each of you – is it a gorgeous location and a small guest list? Is it incredible food and wine? Or a dance party with all of your friends? When you have a clear vision of your wedding day priorities, it becomes easier to plan a day that is meaningful for you, and to be less influenced by what others think your wedding day should be.

2. Staying Organized

It is essential to wedding planning to stay organized. The Planning Gathering has everything you need to organize your wedding vision, plans, vendor communication, and more. From sorting email correspondence to tracking your spending, organizing your wedding plans will ensure key details are not missed. Dedicating time in the beginning of your wedding planning to getting organized and creating a clear system will set you up for a successful wedding planning experience.

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3. How Time-Consuming DIY Projects Can Be

When looking at wedding inspiration, and seeing the pricing of everything from signage and décor to catering, it is tempting to go the DIY route. For my wedding, I envisioned wood signage with white calligraphy – from our welcome sign, to our seating chart. I enlisted the help of my mother-in-law, and we spent an entire weekend staining wood panels and applying vinyl lettering. And when it came to the seating chart, I hand-wrote every guest’s name under their assigned table number. It was absolutely less expensive than hiring a professional calligrapher or ordering a custom handmade sign, but it was certainly time-consuming.

So when deciding between hiring a professional or going the DIY route, it is important to consider how you want to spend the week leading up to your wedding day. Do you want to devote it to working on projects, or would you rather spend that time with your friends and family who are visiting? This is also a chance to revisit your priorities for your wedding day.

Photo by GSquared Weddings

4. Setting Up and Cleaning Up

When visualizing and planning all the details of your wedding day décor, it is important to consider who will be setting everything up, and who will be taking it all down.

Another thing to think about with cleaning up? Trash. Not all venues take care of this for you, so be sure to establish who will take what at the end of your wedding day. Having a set plan will ensure that you do not have anything to worry about on your actual wedding day.

5. Having a Point Person for the Wedding Day

When you have spent a year or more planning your wedding, it is easy to operate under the assumption that everything will go according to plan, and that if it doesn’t, you will be able to figure it out in the moment. But on your wedding day, your focus should be solely on getting married – not on vendor logistics, set-up or clean-up, or problem-solving. It is important to designate a point person for your wedding day, so that your family and friends are not trying to reach out to you directly to have questions answered or issues resolved. After all, you should be focused on getting ready and being present in the moment!

Prudence & Sage offers wedding day coordination, working with you in the weeks leading up to your wedding, in order to take care of vendor communications and all other important details. The amazing Prudence & Sage team will work through the logistics, tie up loose ends and bring your wedding day vision to life.

And if you are planning your own wedding, The Planning Gathering has all the resources you need to plan your wedding from start to finish.

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