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Sticking up for Couples: Why a Wedding Coordinator is also an Advocate

Every couple has different needs when it comes to wedding planning and coordination, but Emily has found that there is one aspect that is common throughout working with each of her couples: she educates and empowers them to do what is right for them as a couple, and advocates for them when other people are pushing opinions and expectations on them.

Logan MacPherson, owner of LCM Weddings and Events, is a like-minded wedding coordinator (seriously like-minded - as in Emily’s doppelganger). On today’s podcast, Logan and Emily are sharing real stories about stepping up and helping clients have the day they’ve envisioned.

Logan started coordinating weddings over six years ago for friends and family. Her introduction to the wedding industry came through assisting a wedding photographer at wedding expos. Through her mother’s church, she began coordinating weddings, and now runs her own wedding and event planning company.

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Wedding coordination is one of the few professions that allows and encourages Emily and Logan to be both creative and type A. Being both is a huge asset to the work that they do, as wedding planning and coordination requires meticulous organization and creative flair.

Each wedding is different, and every couple is unique. Emily and Logan both work to fight off the pressure of the wedding industry to have your day look a certain way, cost a certain amount, and follow certain (made-up) traditions. There is so much pressure, but you don’t have to do anything for your wedding except get married.

Parents, friends, family, and vendors all add pressure to wedding planning, and Emily and Logan step up as wedding coordinators and advocates for their couples to let them know that they should have the wedding they want – not the wedding everyone else is telling them to have.

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So whether it’s standing up to well-meaning parents or aggressive florists, Emily and Logan are there for their couples. At the end of the day, all that matters is that the bride and groom get married and are happy. The rest is insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

To hear more about how Logan and Emily advocate for their couples to ensure the wedding day matches the couple’s vision, listen to the full podcast below. They are also sharing a few horror stories, the traditions they are happy to skip, and more about their wedding day roles.

Feel empowered to make choices that are right for you and your wedding day. Keep it simple and find a wedding coordinator who can advocate for you and what you want to include your wedding day.

Listen to the full podcast here:

You can find more about Logan and LCM Weddings and Events here:

To learn more about the host, Emily and find more wedding planning resources and industry insights, head to

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