DIY or Bust: When you should hire a professional

I am a DIY wedding lover. I absolutely believe that your wedding can be entirely DIY'd if that is what you want it to be. It does require some sacrifice and careful planning, but you can do it! (I suggest checking out The Planning Gathering if you're going this route - it will make planning a breeze).

However, there are times when hiring a professional is going to be worth the money. You're going to come to many points where you have to make decisions to keep in your budget, make your priorities happen, and ensure you are able to enjoy your wedding that you've spent so much time preparing for.

How do you know when you should hire a professional wedding vendor or service? Here are five tips to help you figure out when to DIY or when to find an awesome wedding professional to make it happen for you.

  1. You want to sit back and enjoy everything on your wedding day, not think about whether something is happening as it should.

  2. You want your family to sit back and enjoy everything on your wedding day, not run around making it happen.

  3. You want to enjoy the last week before your wedding with your family and friends, not finishing projects, cooking, or preparing.

  4. The amount of time and energy planning or a project will take will cause strain on your daily life.

  5. You won't save any money doing it yourself.

And bonus tip - if something you are trying to plan for your wedding is not going to work out to DIY and spending money on a professional or pre-made product is not going to meet your wedding day priorities - don't do it. I can promise, cutting out the fluff and sticking to your priorities is going to make your wedding day perfectly your own.

DIY weddings are awesome. When planned well and done with purpose and intention, doing it yourself can make your wedding unique and special to you.

When you do need to find a professional wedding vendor, I highly suggest checking out the Snohomish Wedding Guild. And if you're a DIY wedding lover who needs planning help or a day of wedding coordinator, you are in the right place. Meet Emily Sullivan and Katelynn Long.

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