Creating a Heartfelt Ceremony (with the help of a professional Officiant!)

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

When planning our wedding, my husband Cameron and I chose to work with a professional officiant for our ceremony. We worked closely with Matthew Thuney of Weddings with Spirit and Wit to create a ceremony that truly reflected our love story. We were so happy with the end result - our beautiful, heartfelt ceremony! - that I’m happy to divulge the behind the scenes details of working with a professional officiant to create it.

Tonie Christine Photography

First things first, we picked an officiant whose style we liked. Since Cameron and I decided to go the route of hiring a professional officiant, we researched and reached out to multiple officiants in the area. When we found Matthew of Weddings with Spirit and Wit, we felt his business approach and personality aligned with the type of officiant we were looking for. We wanted a ceremony that would blend our different backgrounds and honor the influence and tradition of religion, spirituality and love, even though we didn’t have a specific denomination in mind. Our hope was that our ceremony could balance the heartfelt sentiment with a dash of good-natured humor.

Before moving forward with having Matthew as our officiant, we met with him in person. Meeting in person was important to us, because it gave us a chance to interact with Matthew, get to know him better, and allow him to get to know us as well. While email correspondence definitely helped us set a foundation, we knew it would be important to sit down with him before working on our ceremony. After all, officiating a wedding is a deeply personal and important task!

Tonie Christine Photography

We told him our story, including sentimental and humorous moments. Meeting in person gave us a chance to share more about our relationship and what we hoped to have included in our ceremony. We started with how Cameron and I met, and filled in milestones and anecdotes along the way. It was important to us to include the love and support of our families, so we shared with Matthew some of the ways they showed that - including Cameron’s grandfather telling me at our first Thanksgiving that I passed inspection!

We also shared our proposal story, which was a Christmas proposal that came as a bit of a surprise, and includes me opening the engagement ring box upside down. Matthew wove these anecdotes together seamlessly for our ceremony. Sharing this much with our officiant meant that the ceremony was personalized, and allowed for our wedding guests to get to know our relationship on a personal level. We wanted our friends and family to feel included as we shared our vows.