A Memorable Wedding is All in the (Meaningful) Details

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

Well-meaning friends and family love to tell you what details you won’t remember from your wedding. The color of the linens, the type of wine you selected, the favors you ordered... The list goes on. And while they may be right about some of those details, and it certainly can help keep decisions in perspective, never underestimate the power of meaningful details when planning your wedding. These meaningful details are what remind you throughout the day of what the ceremony and reception are all about. They can be a touchstone for a cherished memory, a reminder of a humorous moment, or a way to honor family traditions. And while I do still remember mulling over decisions of ribbon color, tent size, and table arrangements, those are not the little things that stay with me. Without a doubt, the below wedding details are what I continue to cherish. The sum of all these small parts made our wedding look and feel personalized and meaningful. 1. Something Borrowed, Something Blue... For a bride, completing the timeless tradition of “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, and A Sixpence in your Shoe" is a way to personalize details needed when getting ready.

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My “something old” honored my mom’s side of the family in two ways. First with a handkerchief that my great-grandmother made, passed down in my family to dry my happy tears at the altar. I also wore my grandmother’s opal ring that represented our shared birthstone. I was lucky enough to have a few “new” things for my bridal look, including a bottle of perfume that I had never worn before. Now when I wear it I’m instantly reminded of getting ready for my wedding day.

I borrowed a brooch from my mother to pin to the ribbon of my bouquet, which personalized the floral arrangement. And my something blue was a couture silk kimono that I wore in the moments before changing into my wedding gown. (And in case the superstition stuck that I was supposed to have everything from the rhyme with me during the ceremony, I had a backup something blue - my toenail polish!) And the oft-forgotten sixpence - My aunt made certain I had one to tuck into the insole of my shoe.

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Those little details carried on traditions from my family and acted as touchstones during the getting ready process. I was reminded of the generations before me, while looking forward to passing those traditions on. 2. Memorial Table The heartbreaking part of wanting all of your closest friends and family at your wedding is that