We're not about wasting your time.

And we understand that Prudence & Sage is not the right planning and coordination company for every wedding. While we do have planning tools, tips and resources here on the site for every wedding, big and small, high and low budget, we have a specific style and work ethic that really determines the type of event we fit well with. This FAQ page should answer almost any question you have to find out if Planning & Coordination with Prudence & Sage is exactly what you need. 

Still have questions after you've read? Feel free to contact us.


Frequently Asked

What is Day of Event Coordination?

Each day of coordination company provides something a little different (and that is often reflected in their prices). Prudence & Sage Day of Event Coordination starts day one when you book your wedding date. We help you via virtual consultations (text and email), provide you with templates and task lists, and direct you to where you can find the best information or professionals. Two months before your wedding we meet for a few hours to go over all your wedding plans. Your coordinator takes a copy of all your contracts and plans to create a master event plan which consists of a timeline, layout, design plan, setup and cleanup plans. Most importantly, your coordinator uses this master event plan to make sure every task is appropriately assigned and delegated. On the wedding day, we are the first to arrive and the last to leave, there to make sure everything happens, solve problems if they come up, and be the one who controls the wedding day so you and your family can truly enjoy everything that you worked hard on. 

We don't want help before the wedding day. Do you offer a discount?

In order to effectively coordinate your wedding or event we have to begin working on it two months in advance. We do not offer any discounted services that would have us coming in on the day of because that would mean providing you with far less than perfect coordination. The planning tools, templates guides and virtual consultations via text and email are all a free addition to Day of Event Coordination because we care about uncomplicating wedding planning and understand not everyone can hire a Wedding Planner. Whether you use these resources or not is up to you, but we always make them available. 

What does a wedding planner do? 

We have two blog posts about what a wedding planner does and why you may need a planner. The short answer is a wedding planner works closely with you, meeting frequently one on one and with your vendors to learn what is truly important to you. We create your wedding designs, do the work of searching for the perfect plates, linens, flowers, and vendors to save you hours of time and stress. We work hard to help you come in under budget and over expectations. We work full-time planning your weddings and events so you can have a fun and stress free experience. 

Why do you post your prices on your website? 

We post our Day of Event Coordination and Wedding Planning minimum pricing on our website because we believe you deserve transparency and honesty. Planning and coordinating your wedding day is a monumental responsibility that requires dedication of many hours and a lot of experience. A wedding is often the most important day in someone's life, and the value of the work we do is reflected in our prices. With Prudence & Sage, you are hiring the best. 

Is setup and cleanup included with Day of Event Coordination?

Day of Event Coordination is done by one Coordinator, whose job it is to continuously check that all tasks are happening in order, on time, and the way you want it. Therefore we do not typically have a setup or cleanup job assigned to us. If you would like to make sure your friends and family do not need to lift a finger, we are happy to provide you with a setup and cleanup team in addition to coordination services. 

How do we know what services we need?

After you reach out to learn more about planning or coordination, we typically have a few emails back and forth. We discuss what you have booked so far, when and where your event will be, how many guests you are inviting, and what type of services you are looking for. During our coffee chat consultation, we will go into detail about what you have already planned and what you want your wedding day experience to be like. We will talk about spending plans and planning to do lists. I will share with you the services which are the best to serve your needs. Some couples choose to book at the consult, but you are under no rush to decide. Your date will be on hold in my calendar for one week to give you time to consider your options.

What are my payment options? 

With every service a deposit is due upon booking. The remaining balance will be split into payments that suit your needs. 

We are ready to schedule a consultation to meet you, what do we do? 

Use the contact form below to get the conversation started and schedule a time! Or, check out our Facebook page to see if we have any Meet & Greets coming up soon. 

Helpful information to include in your email is your wedding date, wedding location(s), expected guests count, details about what you want your wedding to be like and how much you have planned to date. If you have a coordinator in mind, let us know as well!

We are looking forward to making your wedding planning experience uncomplicated.